So, you enjoy the heavens above?

Your own astrophotography can now be incorporated into art glass sculptures. 

You have taken time, probably out in the cold, imaging for hours on end and then, after untold hours of processing, created your prized image. 

Now what? The next step may have been storing it on your computer, posting it on a web site, or perhaps printed as posters or as calendars? Is that all there is?

Robert Stephan, an accomplished glass artist and amateur astrophotographer, has developed glass sculptures that can display your images in a way that has not been seen before. Your image can be encased with granite and hand-cast glass that evokes time and space in a uniquely creative manner. Set against black granite, your image will ‘float’ beneath an expanse of glass infused with many random bubbles, evoking a sense of looking beyond the myriad of stars between you, the viewer, and the deep space object of your image.

Where is your next treasured image destined to end up? 

Robert is offering to you some personalized space on your desk or coffee table. 
Wouldn’t you enjoy having your favorite image of distant space as a beautiful and unique sculpture taking up just a little of your desk space?

Display your work proudly!